yain’t no EP INM002



not yes 


Release Date: 10/12/20


Consisting of Fotis & Job, two longtime friends based in Amsterdam The pair have 

started their new project called ‘not yes’ which has been creating some fuzz in the bass scene.

They aim to tell interesting and sometimes absurd stories, with head bobbing rhythms and 

heavy bass sounds at the core. Often weird and other times straight up groovin’, 

Every release has something different to offer. ‘We know a song is finished when we’re 

laughing and there’s some serious bass faces throughout the final listen. For us, this is the

ideal reaction to our music.’ Job says.


For the past few months not yes has been starting up with some sin

gles that got attention from Noisia Radio, Inspected, SATURATE records and a 

few others. Now they feel they are ready for the next step, their first full EP. The 

EP titled ‘yain’t no EP’ will feature four full length songs of which one is a Bandcamp special.


not yes takes the sound of their tracks very seriously, but they like to experiment

with some of the stereotypes and expectations that come with the genre and scene. 

When working out ideas they take elements from multiple genres, some sounds out

of their huge library of random field recordings topped off with some obscure videos or memes.

This creates an interesting and sometimes nostalgic flavour. Every track again has a theme

and a story, which will be supported by some wonky video teasers and peculiar merch. 


‘yain’t no EP’, the new release by not yes, those two kind idiots from Amsterdam.